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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pluck the Rooster

It looks like I might get that washer after all. They called yesterday and apologised - turns out the number they gave me was the number to the new house and they were in and out so much they forgot to get the messages. It happens - moving can be a crazy time. They asked why I didn't call the cell phone and I told them I thought I did..... (The number I dialed was the only number I had). Anyhow - they have three trucks between them and their daughter-in-law-to-be so they will bring them over tomorrow for us. I told them in exchange that I was willing to paint a mural for them (pool murals are really popular in the area) if they decided they wanted one. They seemed to like that idea. :) That makes it kind of win-win-win. I win appliances, they win a mural, I win getting to paint a mural. Tee hee, tra la!

Youngest is really shaping up on her reading - we are past Starfall.com's first book (It's easy for her now - what an ego boost that was to her today!) and nearly done with the second one. I'm thinking that I should mail a donation to Starfall - I have so totally been leeching their services. Her problem letters are now only d, p, g and j. She knows the sounds though - instead of saying "Gee" and "Jay" she will say "guh" and "juh". I correct her and we are slowly moving up to getting all 52 letters (upper and lower case) down pat in 90 seconds.

I have no doubt that she will pass the upcoming test - especially since I have 6 weeks to work with her on it. Oh - and phonics and blends flash cards are a god-send with that girl. She wasn't understanding that blends like bl sounds like "bullllll". Until I started working with her - it was always "buh-ull" and it just didn't connect. How much of this is because she didn't have one-on one instruction at school and how much of it is because her teacher was maybe 17 and fresh out of high school I don't know. (Yes I know that there is about 7 years of college involved maybe more depending on the subject/grade to teach - so if she graduated at 17 and then went to school and got a job her first year out that would make her 24, but that's still a kid in my eyes) (OMG I didn't just say that - I'm so old)

Cute story - this afternoon I was making her read "Peg the Hen" and she got "Pig the chicken" out of it. I told her to stop guessing at the words and let the letters say their sounds so she can read it to me and that's when she said "Is it Pluck the Rooster?"

Pluck the Rooster indeed.


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