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Thursday, May 26, 2005

things have a way of working out - sort-of

DH and I figured out how to get enough cash to buy a washing machine. Let me explain. We were in mini-crisis mode because if the bank proceeded with the automatic mortgage payment on the scheduled day, we would have had $36 for laundry, gas, food, and incidentals for two weeks. (have to make sure the money is there for the mortgage) We sweated and sweated over that until I decided that the only answer would be not to pay the house payment on that day. I called them and asked if they could put it off for about three days until next payday and they agreed. AND - as a surprise bonus, there is no penalty because that's still well within our grace period. Plus, the bank assured me that because we've never been late before, and even with this small change we still wouldn't be late, they would be more than willing to help us out if neccesary. I don't think I will need to take them up on it (I HOPE I never have to) but it sure was reassuring to hear the bank say that what with more sudden drains on my pocketbook this month than in the last 6 months alone.

Speaking of sudden drains on my pocketbook, Firstborn has to go to the doctor because of his toe. A few days ago, he was given a large roll of paper by his teacher to use as drawing paper at home. The roll is heavy, very heavy. Well - the kids have been leaving it around and DH got annoyed by it and tossed it in the general direction of firstborn, who then promptly cushioned the paper's collision with the floor by having his big toe act as a pillow. Lots of pain and swelling and a purple toenail (which is kind of fascinating in a really gross kind of way) have come to visit us. Poor guy was limping around the house when I got home. I inspected it and while it looked sore, it didn't look like anything more than a really badly stubbed toe so we iced it and soaked it to ease the pain and then sent him to bed.

This morning - Firstborn was tired - he didn't sleep well at all. The toe was bright angry red and puffy, so I got a bit concerned. We soaked it and cooled it and that helped some but it was still definitely sore. Firstborn even asked if he could go see a doctor for it cause it was hurting really bad. I'm a little concerned at the redness of the toe and how it's still apparently just as sore as yesterday.... so - he will be going to see a doctor.

HOWEVER - Today is the last day of school for the kids and it's a half day so we can't really do the doctor in the morning... if we do, he's going to miss all the end of school games and parties, and he lso would not get his report card. It's kind of a big deal for him because he's graduating elementary school this year and moving up to Jr. High next year. So - he went to school and I wrote him a note to excuse the sandals on his feet instead of sneakers and DH will be taking him to the walk-in this afternoon.

I expect they will want to do an x-ray of the toe because I know darn well that Firstborn is not going to let them prod it much. Also - that roll of paper was really heavy so I am worried that the toe might be broken.... I know from experience that a broken toe is super painful - but there's nothing really that can be done other than to tape it and elevate it and stay off of it.

I'm probably over-reacting - I usually do that when it comes to my kids.... that's why I am posting this now instead of yesterday. I wanted a non-freaking-out post for once.

Also - youngest's problem letters are j G d P p v V and Z. Why she doesn't have a problem with lowercase z I just can't figure out. I've made up phonics cards with common blends and vowel/consonant combinations and we are drilling on them. DH thinks it sounds silly the way we do it but I remember doing it in grade school and it worked well for me. So, if you hear someone saying "aw, oh, ah, uh, gr, ahn, oo, thuh, chuh, gruh, ee, oah" somewhere in Florida, yes, we really ARE sane.


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