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Monday, May 09, 2005

What goes around comes around

Remember the big meeting today? Supposed to be all day long for some new things we ar eimplementing? Last week I asked aobu t using the comapny car to travel to it - well it was at that point I was informed that the meeting would be in OUR offices. Okay - no sweat, nobody told me but that's fine I can change gears. Today, I got up early, got all spiffed up cause if they are holding this meeting in OUR offices, then there will be clients in-house and well, after last Thursday's fiasco, I NEED a good impression. Got up early, skipped breakfast to save time and got to work early because nobody told me when the training would start.

Sat around

sat around some more

Got weird looks 'cause I am the ONLY person in our office all spiffed up and sitting in the training/conference/meeting room. Got tired of all the odd expressions and quizzical looks from everyone and finally asked when the training would start.

Oh, nobody told you? It's not until Thursday.

I'm SO feeling the love....


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