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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What goes around comes around

Call it reverse psychology, call it intimidation, whatever. Today I drove the kids to the bus stop - got there early and got the choice parking location. She almost didn't walk by my car, and after she did, she stood there all self-conscious glancing in my direction repeatedly. I stared at her. Said and did nothing, but stared at her. Of course, I had an excuse to stare that way, she was smack dab in front of me between my car and the bus stop. So, excuse in mind, I just went all starey on her. Made her uncomfortable. Internally I gloated. Not a very christian thing to do, I'm sure, but when you shove over one of my children to yell at the other one for something he didn't do, then I have every right to make you uncomfortable. OH please, you better be glad that's all I am doing.

Youngest didn't want to get out of the car to walk to the bus and I don't blame her. I got out and walked her all the way up to the door of the bus. I told her I would have DH meet her there after school. So sad that a six year old child has to have so much fear at a place that is supposed to be safe for her.

Here's the story I got from my kids. It's pretty much the same thing that DH told me. To set the scene, let me explain:

Firstborn has two friends at this particular bus stop. I'll call them A and M. M is more my son's age, and A is a little bit younger. I am friends with M's parents, and our kids get along great. A's parents are weird. A's parents have a best friend that this whole thing revolves around. I'll call her NAP (Not A Parent). M and Firstborn are better friends because of the similarities in age, plus I think that A's parents are a little scary for firstborn. We don't encourage that friendship, but neither do we discourage it, so Firstborn is kinda friends with A. M and A have issues. They do not get along. A's parent's and NAP have talked to M's parents about these issues. Because M's family is new to the neighborhood, ,they feel extremely intimidated. M's mom didn't take her kids to the bus stop today - she drove them to school. Not me - I'm itching to tell NAP what I worked out this morning. (Because I didn't get to say it, I'm telling you here. If she said anything to me at all I would reply "You knocked down my kindergartener to yell at my twelve year old for something he didn't do. Unless you are apologizing, I have nothing to say to you and you can speak to the police about it" At which point I would get into my MERCEDES (le sigh) and leave. oooo wasn't that good? I didn't get to say it though. Oh well.)

So - here's the story.

A got off the bus. Firstborn and M got off the bus. (oldest kids get off last usually) A is doing a weird dance with pelvic thrusts towards Firstborn and M. This angers M and Firstborn says to A, (trying to keep the peace) "Isn't that your car over there?" and points to A's waiting ride. NAP is there and sees this exchange. She ran up to Firstborn, shoving kids out of her way. (One of which was Youngest - she landed in the dirt) Firstborn says she started yelling in his face something about how he better not be picking a fight. He couldn't remember her words but he was sure she didn't use foul language. Just emphatic language from about 4-5 inches away. Then she took A and hustled him over to A's parents with not a word of apology to any of the other kids she knocked over.

DH wasn't there, but he talked to some of the other parents who saw what happened and their story jibes with my kids. That's when I told him to call the police. We filed a complaint against her, but are not pressing charges. All it will take is one more incident like that though, and we definitely will.

Remember in my last post about these women indicated there were four of them? Well, it appears that there has rececntly been division in the ranks. Only NAP and A's mother have been seen hanging around lately. Today at the stop I saw that the other two were conspicuously not talking to NAP and A's mom. Hmmm, wonder why. {SNORT}

Oh, we also found out where A's parents live and they aren't even supposed to be at our bus stop. We notified the school about this and hopefully they will get him back on his own bus and at his own bus stop. DH and I aren't sure why they are at our stop, it's farther away from their house. Closest thing I can figure is that they had trouble at their own bus stop and were re-assigned to ours. Maybe they will be banned from the bus altogether.

So, ,that's the long and the short of it. I'm afraid more long than short. I could seriously do without all the drama around here though.


Blogger Jen said...

There's nothing more fierce than a mother protecting her kids. What I'm saying is you are going to have to keep going to the bus stop with your kids until she gets the message, and quits coming to your kids' stop. Having DH there does not give the same impact as you being there. Can a restraining order be put on her to keep her away? The school systems rearrange bus stops around sex offenders, but what about WACK JOBS?

5/17/2005 10:32:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...

I don't think she will stop coming to the bus stop until someone gets a restraining order. Which will happen sooner or later.

We know where she lives and I did some on-line snooping. Lots of useless info, but mostly I assured myself that she's not a wanted criminal or a sex offender. If I want to fork out about $20 I can run a criminal history check on both of them, but right now it's not worth the money. She's not wanted for anything and not being monitored for anything that I can tell and I think that's the most I need to worry about for now.

5/17/2005 02:09:00 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Please keep us posted. I've only checked the blog 10 times to see if there were any updates. Don't make me send Mullet-Head down there.

5/18/2005 07:10:00 AM  

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