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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When everything is coming at you....

you must be in the wrong lane.

I'm sick. Super sick. Yesterday I got up and felt fine - started sneezing like crazy which I thought was allergies. Took an allergy pill. Didn't help. Nose kept running all day and by the time I got home my throat was sore and I could hardly talk. Went to bed as early as possible cause my whole body feel s like lead - I just don't have the energy. We are out of nyquil which is the only thing that can make me sleep when I'm sick like this so I took two Benadryl hoping that the anti-histamine in them would knock me out. Nope. My whole night was spent doing a really bad version of the hokey pokey:

Close your right eye now
close your left eye now
Close both eyes now and snore once or twice
then you do the hokey sickie and you sit straight up
cause you gotta blow your nose!

Lay on your right side now
Lay on your left side now
lay on your back side now and snore once or twice
then you do the hokey sickie and you sit straight up
Cause you gotta blow your nose!

I'm so tempted to do the nostril horns thing but didn't because I didn't want to hear the howls of laughter from Dh if rolled over and saw them.

On a funnier note - check out what I found on my toilet paper today. A sticker!

Which isn't too bad, but look at the small print:

I imagine that it would not be polite to wonder how many idiots out there would sue them for paper cuts if they didn't print that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny! Cate

5/11/2005 02:27:00 AM  

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