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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The blahs

Today was nothing but rain rain and more rain - there was about 15 minutes of sunshine this afternoon but the rest of it... bleah. I am so totally spoiled living down here - I love sunshine. I don't mind rain even, unless it rains for days on end - and we've been overcast now for about a week. I hate it. Do I sound like a spoiled brat yet?

I stopped by the dollar store again the other night just to poke around. My dollar store stocks a meagre collection of craft supplies and I wanted to see if they had any new stamps or scrapbook supplies. That's when I noticed the basket of misplaced fabric flower heads under the fake flower display. They are the ones that fall off when people rummage through the flowers. Because this store will sometimes let me have things for free (stuff they would ordinarily toss - like extra envelopes from the card section, chipped but still pretty glass items for my mosaics... etc) I asked them what they did with those leftover flower heads. "We throw them out when the basket is full" Oh really, do you now. Can I poke through them? They said of course - I could have as many as I wanted. OOOOOOOOH the crafts I can make with those! I would buy the flowers to pull apart anyways, and these are already pulled apart.... I took the entire basket worth home much to their amazement. I promised the clerks that I would bring in one of my fairies to show what I did with them. HEEEE! Free crafting supplies! Love it!

Now if only the wallpaper stores still gave away their old retired sample books. I miss those. I think I will need to find a mom and pop wallpaper store to get my hands on those again. There is a mom and pop tile store I've been meaning to hit up for mosaic supplies (their discontinued or broken tiles). Maybe I can go do that tomorrow.

While I'm on the subject of free craft supplies, I also found out that the local dump will give you free housepaint that people have tossed. No guarantee on color, but you certainly can't beat free.

I'm going to put some of my reclaimed flower heads onto my reclaimed grapevine wreath from the backyard that I have drying on the back porch and once I get that done I will post a picture. I wonder if there is a way to score all my crafting supplies for free? Too bad there's no hot-glue or mod-podge factory nearby. HA!


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