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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Can't sleep

I hate it when I can't sleep. I've been going to bed later nd getting up earlier and having some CRAZY dreams. Did I ever tell you that I dream in chapters? I do - one night I will have the beginning of a dream, the next night or two I will dream the middle of the dream, but I never usually dream the end of the dream. It's weird and slightly disturbing. Last night I was at some sort of psychotic flea market yesterday and today I was going into hiding because I killed someone at the flea market. I packed my cat, a ceramic bowl, a bag of pretzels and all the cell phones and radios I could find - I used a shopping cart. Yeah - I don't get it either.

My friend at work was back. He's feeling better but the drugs they have him on for this thing are pretty powerful and make him a little droopy. Jen I think you hit it on the head cause he was telling me about this horrible lotion he had to keep putting inside his nose. I do not envy him. He did show me his spots on his arm and one is gone and the other is much smaller. I hope I never get it. Reminds me of that flesh-eating bacteria they sometimes get cases of down here - that's why I generally don't go to the beach when it's warm, bacteria likes warmth and I don't want to be infected. Also - I only go to beaches where there is an outdoor shower so I can rinse off after. Not that I don't take a shower at home, but just the thought of lettign all that eeeeeew sit on my skin for 20 minutes and dry there and uck! I'd rather take a cold outdoor rinse any day. (Shhhhh don't tell DH but if he asked me if I wanted a pool I'd probably say yes, even though I'm so anti-pool and anti-chlorine. He's wanted a pool ever since we moved here. I didn't want the hassle - I refused to clean it. Still don't, but I'm starting to budge on the pool issue. Besides, it's not like someone is going to just give me an in-ground pool, that suckah's gotta be planned and financed)

Here's somethign neat for all you Simpsons fans out there (I've been hooked on it since high school - and that's what... over 10 years ago now?) Clicky Clicky!


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