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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm dyin over here

UGH! I have the worst headache ever..... this is one I'm going to have to sleep off. I hate those. Light hurts, my eyeball hurts, noise hurts, I just wanna crawl into bed and sleep the rest of the day - I hate this.

I'm thinking it might be a migraine - they tend to run in my family. I already have painless migraines. I call it sparkle eyes - where everything goes all shimmery and sparkly and I can't clearly see anything because all the edges are wonky - those are at least entertaining, I can play "what's that object" and "Marco Polo" without closing my eyes when it happens. (Found you! wait - wait, that's uh, that's not you! EEEEEW!) This kind of headache, well, as much fun as it sounds, feeling like I'm birthing a mutant out of my left nostril just isn't all that fun for me. (C'mon - ALIEN was an awesome movie)

I took some aspirin (tylenol hasn't touched it) and I hope that helps....


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