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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Random musings

1 - Stopped by Walgreens on the way home from work today - noticed the truck in front of me had FAKE TAIL LIGHTS. What's up with that? I mean - the real ones were there too, but there were these shiny circular flat things made to look like a white tail light stuck on each side of the car. Ug-LEE

2 - Client called in and his name was Dong. After we fixed his problem, we had a series of Beavis and Butthead gigglebursts with that name. The cleanest one? "The name's Dong, Ding Dong" (ask me about Li Ping Wang some day. True name, real call, impossible to hold straight face. Probably not funny in their own country, but oh-so-funny here) TEE HEE

3 - When the manager is out I am his replacement. It's been crisis mode all day today at work - I am now REALLY not envious of his job.

4 - Last night, not one but TWO woose teefers were lost. Youngest now has a WIDE gap in front and it makes her look so CUUUUUTE! Middlechild had a panic attack about her own loose tooth so I finally tied a string around it under the tooth. The plan was to have the string there for a little bit and then when I was untying it because she decided not to have her tooth pulled, "OOOPS! Wow, would you look at that - the tooth is out after all!". I was really getting fed up with her whining about it and it was held on with just a teensy thread it would have taken her such a small effort to do.... well turns out that she took hold of the ends and then the tooth fell out. She was all "OOOOOW OOOOW OOOOWIE IT HUUUUUURTS........ oh. HAHA lookit mom - there's my tooth! Haha - that didn't hurt at all!" The string really didn't do much at all. {sigh} I know now what my own mother thought about my over-the-top reactions to something like that.


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