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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Well, I've been really tense lately worrying about the new hurricane season. I don't think I will ever enjoy summer again down here. I think about putting out my yard art - but then I hesitate to do it because once it's out, I will have to take it all back in if there's a hurricane. I've been hoarding plastic two liter bottles and rinsing them because I plan on filling them with water and freezing them for the next hurricane. I'm trying to wean back on stocking up on frozen things because that stuff will be the first to go when there's a hurricane. Also contemplating buying a second grill because our current one is about shot and I could use the spare propane cylinder (say it with me now) because there might be another hurricane. There aren't any generators to be had anywhere - not that I can afford them - lordy, I could barely afford a washing machine! The lack of generators tells me that everyone is just as sure as I am that this year is also going to be a doozy for hurricanes.

I'm not handling the worry very well. I'm not sure if I'm just panicky, paranoid or prepared but it's definitely a p-word.

In other news:
Got a fairy-mobile completed and hung up in youngests room. I used twine (DH calls it line but I've always called it twine - about all we can agree on is to call it monofilament) to suspend the fairies with and they do look like they are fluttering around in circles. I will post a picture soon. DH put together her bed and she was very happy to have somethign that wasn't on the floor to sleep on. Guess where's she's sleeping now? Yep, on the floor in the living room.

A good friend of mine from work had some sudden surgery last week. He's got a staph infection that keeps spreading (to speed healing they cut a chunk of it out - can you imagine?) and anti-biotics are doing him no good. He's missed a week of work and I hope to see him at work on Monday, but if he's not there - it's definitely time for a field trip to his house to deliver a get-well card and make sure he's still breathing.

Firstborn asked me to pull off his toenail. (wow - another sentence I never thought I would write) The problem toe had the toenail on it - just a flappin and barely hanging on, but hanging on enough to drive him insane - he didn't have the courage to do it himself so he brought me the (ugh) pliers and I gave it a yank. Off it came and there was very little blood - that sucker was ready to go. It did hurt firstborn however but after a little bit he told me it was a ton better cause the nail wasn't poking him anymore. I saw he already had new nail growing in - I think he was relieved to see that. In typical pre-teen boy fashion, he asked to save the toenail to show his friends. I gave him a sandwich baggie and warned him if I found it ANYWHERE other than in his hand or the garbage can, it would disappear.

It also appears that the Smith family has a stalker of sorts. I get calls about every other day from Lancaster, Pennsylvania but there's nobody there. Doesn't matter who answers the phone. We say hello - there's a pause, then a click, but the line never goes dead. Nobody ever says anything. I think the next time this happens I will put it on speakerphone, then hit the mute button and see how long it takes. Racking up their long distance phone bill is the least I can do for all the irritation they are causing us. I can't think of anybody other than a sort of stalker-type person doing this because it doesn't have the same feel of a machine placed call, it's not a fax, and it's been happening regularly, but not so regularly to make me think it's a machine placed call. Been happening for quite some time too - always the same number. I call back and there's no answer. Tres creepy.

Middlechild? well, what to say about middlechild. We have a new bedroom hole. And another tearful apology. And many tearful cell phone calls last week to me while I'm at work "It's not fair that daddy sent me to my room" and "I know this is the fourth time I called and I know that nobody is dying or has blood hitting the ceiling or bones sticking out and daddy can breathe just fine but don't be mad at me. I didn't leave a message the first three {bazillion} times because I wanted to talk to you but you didn't pick up the phone!" SIGH - like Kim Possible says - SO the drama.

Had a heart attack today - My computer would not boot up. Called in Dh who, after fiddling with it for a while, effortlessly raised my blood pressure and brought me to near hysterics by casually telling me that the hard drive may be shot again. Oh - the agony! Turns out he had forgotten to plug the hard drive back onto it's appropriate power cable after giving me a brand new power supply. I was never more relieved as when he said "Oh, I didn't plug it back in, it's working fine, sorry about that". I was so happy that I just kept on crying.

So, ,I'm back online for now and I swear I will do a full backup - very - very soon!


Blogger Jen said...

When you were here this past December, I was working on my 2nd/3rd outbreak of resistant staph. Tell your friend he has to be tested for MRSA (they swipe a culture from where junk is oozing out of the opening). The oral antibiotics only help where it colonized, but it lives in the nose. It's killed by a long-term (3-4 months) of putting an antibiotic ointment in the nose daily. It all started from a bug-bite on my butt that turned abscess. Every time my skin was broken in the area, either from another bug bite or medical tape ripping my hide off, I'd get another abscess. Life was hell, all you can wonder is "why me?" because you can be altogether healty. The scary part is finding out how serious it really is. The CDC has an MRSA fact sheet online.

6/06/2005 01:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have been praying about Hurricane season and for you all! Sounds like you are doing the right things to prepare. Your cousin Mark had a staff infection he picked up from surgery--took a long time to recover-think-almost a year. How brave oldest is--hope toenail doesn't end up in someone's sandwich for a joke. I agree with Dh--not twine but line or monofilament is correct (smile). Can't wait to see the picture. Well middle child still has a firey temper... I remember.... Computer prob? I was wondering how come I had not seen any posts. I have spent the morning in ER with a sprained (we hope) ankle... poss a broken one. I have an aircast on it. Hurt it mowing the lawn yesterday. Had some weird stuff happen to me also but am okay now. Probably the MS acting up. What fun! I miss you. Mom

6/06/2005 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous kattghoti said...

Your Lancaster caller is probably a company with a dialing machine. The machines sometimes keep calling the same number and don't connect with the phone they're calling. I had one from a resort company in Florida calling me for a month, numerous times a day. It just randomly stopped one day.

6/06/2005 04:03:00 PM  

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