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Saturday, June 25, 2005

There was sunshine today!

Yes! The sun was out! Firstborn had spent the night at a friends house, but she didn't have a friend's house to go to AND! NO! MELTDOWN! So, because there was sun when rain was forecast, we had to do something fun too. Middlechild and I decided it would be a good day to go to the beach - so we talked everyone into it. She couldn't find both pieces to her swimsuit, so we improvised... AND! NO! MELTDOWN! When we got there - she promptly lost her brand new swim mask in the ocean. She didn't even get to put it on. AND! NO! MELTDOWN! She was upset and disappointed, but being allowed to borrow her sister's swim mask cheered her right up. She skinned her knee on teh sharp sand - AND! NO! MELTDOWN! At the end of the day - she told me "Mom, this has been the best day ever".

My jaw dropped.... despite many opportunities, THERE WAS NO MELTDOWN. She even had A GOOD TIME!

Who is this child and what has she done with my daughter??


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