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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yesterday was a good day....

Hugely busy and no time to even breathe, but a good day none the less. At work, they asked us to work through lunch, so we did and they bought lunch for us. I'm all about a half hour of sanctioned overtime and free food. There was even enough left over at the end of the day that nobody wanted so I took it home for Dh and the kids - we haven't had subs in so long they all loved it. So - overtime, free lunch and free dinner. PLUS - I'd been worrying about Middlechild's wardrobe, ,she was starting to get a little thin on shorts - so yesterday a co-worker brought me two bags of clothes that her daughter had outgrown, she asked me if I wanted them. Oh yes - hand-me-downs! Now middlechild has about 6 pairs of shorts! She can go a whole week without needing laundry done! Yay!

The day was good enough that I didn't mind talking to the idiots today.....

Woman: "yammer yammer bad problem, blah blah blah"
Me: "Yes, Ma'am. I think I understand what's happening, and I might have a fix for you. I need to doublecheck with my supervisor to be sure that what I'm thinking of will be all that we need to do the trick. May I put you on hold for a second to go check?"
Woman: "Blah blah yammer yammer complain gripe taking forever, huge problem, catastrophe of huge magnitude blah blah blah"
Me: "I understand ma'am, may I place you on hold to go check to see if we have a solution for this?"
Woman: "Huh? You mean I wasn't on hold already?
Me: No ma'am, I don't place people on hold unless they tell me they are willing to be placed on hold. I feel that doing otherwise is rude.
Woman: Well, then blah blah complain complain yammer taking SO LONG to fix this problem!
Me: Ma'am, we'd be done a lot faster if I could put you on hold to confirm the solution of this issue. I won't be gone but a minute tops, and if we get disconnected I promise to call you back, I don't promise much, but I can promise that.
Woman: Blah blah yammer complain - not on hold yet? Just go put me on hold and find out how to fix me already!
ME: Yes, ma'am

another snippet - this guy was foreign with a thick accent. quite amusing.
Me: Hello, this is Karry at _____ technical support, how may I assist you today?
Man: ahm, yessss. I haf problem.
Me: What seems to be the problem?
Man: Ahm, yessss my file, not openeeng. Ees a catastrophe! I promeese dis file dees morneeng. Ees not openeeng! You help me openeeng dees file?
Me: Does it give you an error message?
Man: (relates normal corrupted file error message)
Me: It sounds like the file is corrupted but let's see what we can do. (proceed about normal file recovery procedures - nothign works) There's nothing more I can do for this file sir.
Man: Eet iss NOT corrupted dammeet! Ees a catastrophe! dees file wass opeen den error, now file not openeeng! Dis ees a catastrophe! Dammit! Dammit! Dees ees a catastrophe!
me: I'm sorry sir, there's nothign more I can do.
Man: I pay good monee for dis software, and ees not werkeeng! Every file, alvays de crash!
Me: Every file does this? How many files would you say this has happened to?
Man: Dees ees da first one dammit! Ees a catastrophe!


Blogger john said...

i LOOOOOOVE work stories... (i swear they're always the funniest)

6/28/2005 02:47:00 PM  

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