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Monday, June 20, 2005

You're in good hands... until they flick you off them like a booger

Allstate is dropping our home owners policy. Right before hurricane season gets into full swing. Because? Well, certainly not because I've ever placed a claim or was late on a payment or harassed the company or didn't give them my auto insurance business or anything. Nope - none of that matters. I live in Florida. Or should I say Flori-DUH! Stupid company - like any other insurance company is going to want to insure us right before hurricane season goes into full swing. WTH am I going to do when I can't insure this house???? State Farm is no longer insuring in the area, and the company that is recommended by the insurance broker is sure to give our rates a hike - not to mention the fact that once Allstate drops my homeowners policy my auto insurance costs will skyrocket.

Why, thank you Allstate! I guess I WILL take a heaping helping of "screw you" and a side dish of "not our problem". I really needed to add this to our already shoestring-thin budget. How ever did you guess?


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