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Friday, July 29, 2005

Articles, Christmas, and Myst, Oh my!

I work in a call center. Not that long ago I was "interviewed" via e-mail for these articles that ran in CIO magazine on July 15. My company is too small I guess, and I was too much of a happy camper in my work that I was not quoted in the resulting piece, but it was still neat to actually be interviewed. Go check 'em out! Pretty interesting writing from a call-center perspective. Probably boring for everyone else that isn't the target audience, but I liked 'em.

I'm busy working on my christmas gifts at work today during the lulls between calls (not many, but they were there) and wound up with three pre-orders for the finished items! HA! I love it!

Oh - and to totally waste your lunch hour - go to www.myst.com and enter the website for Myst IV: Revelations. The website is a game! Can you say OBSESSIVELY ADDICTING??? I simply MUST have that game. Also - because it's only on DVD, um, then I guess I must get a DVD drive for the ole computer, eh? LOL! It will probably be Christmas before I see it but it shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.


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