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Friday, July 01, 2005

Brief heart attack

worked a 12 hour day today - it was a total nightmare - mostly just churning out the calls:

Hello, thank you for calling ____ Technical Support, this is Karry, how may I help you today?
Hi, I'm tryign to get this update.....
Yes, it's slow because we have several thousand people tryign to download it right now. Be patient it will download and then you will be back up and running right away.
Really? Thanks
No problem, Bye!
Hello, thank you for calling ____ Technical Support, this is Karry, how may I help you today?
Hi, ,you know that patch?
Yes, it's slow because we have several thousand people trying to download it all once right now. If you are patient.......

over and over and over. I spoke with 58 different people today, emailed at least 12, and spent about 11 hours on the phone. I'm SO DONE with talking right now.


Oh - what? Yes - the title. Minor heart attack. Um, ,well I was on my way home tonight in the dark. You may or may not know that I am Night-blind. You also may or may not know that it's pretty freaking hot here in Florida right about now. You also may or may not know that the air conditioner in the cheapo Mercedes (le sigh) fogs up the windshield. (lordy I just had to ask DH what a WINDSHIELD was - I am THAT fried from work today. I called it a "front window thingy on a car". He laughed at me.) So - put all that together and you have a night blind woman driving home in the dark - with the air conditioner on and halfway fogged up windows. Heart attack? oh yes - well, I'm driving home and there's this car ahead with amazingly bright headlights. These are the "praise jaysus" lights, cause you're praying the whole time they are barreling down the road at you and shining on you "Please god, don't let him hit me, please god, keep me on the road, please god, this is my only car, please god, just let me live, WHOOOOO PRAISE JAYSUS - I'M ALIVE!"

So - dark - windshield fog, night blind, someone has brights on. I flash him and slow down cause if I go slower there is less chance of me running off the road. he just keeps coming. I flash him again and slow down even more. Nothing. I flash again - this time practically stopping my car cause these are the "praise jaysus" lights - still nothing. he zipps by and thankfully my sight has been restored (PRAISE JAYSUS!) so I resume driving home. As I drive down the road, I see that the guy is turning around and FOLLOWING ME.

WHAT the hey? I just wanted your lights off buddy, I don't wanna TALK to you.

I got home as quick as I could - and fortunately I lost him somewhere along the way. I had to turn my rearviews away so I could still see the road. If Mr. BRIGHT LIGHTS is reading this - PUH-LEEZE turn off those FREAKING hi-beams!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey karry your blogs are pretty cool too arent they great a nice way to talk and say what you feel. thanks for sharing this with me. add mine to your favorites and i update often!


7/02/2005 12:42:00 AM  

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