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Monday, July 18, 2005

Dum de dum...

Only two more days till the paycheck-de-bustin-butt-overtime! Yay! I've already spent most of it in my mind on a generator. Plus this thing, ,and that thing and this other thing and oh just that one other thign.... Bah - I won't do hardly any of that except the generator. So many plans - so little money.... {sigh}

Picked up a nice patio set from the same people that gave us the dryer - they got some new stuff. They also gave us their old wicker. The wicker will look nice out on the front porch once I patch up a couple spots and spray-paint it. It will be good to have a patio set finally... I've also got to hang my hammock. Simply MUST do that this weekend.

One of the guys that picked up some of my freecycle things saw my mosaiced items (DH showed them off - thank you DH! that was very flattering) and said the local tile place has a backroom with tile bits in it just for the asking so I will be stopping by the local tile mart because I have another sattelite dish and stepping stone to tile. I've got most of the tile I want - but I'm hurting for blues and greens so I'll see what they have. The guy suggested that I sell the tiled items - I dunno if anyone would buy them, but maybe I will try it. You never know till you try.

Well - that's about it over here. I still have some more sorting and storing of craft items - but I've planned ahead and I still have room out there (amazing!) but I DO have a lot of crafty items in the house still.... we will see what it's like when I get it all out there.


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