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Thursday, July 07, 2005

final call of the evening

Hello, this is Karry at ____ Technical support, may I start by getting your name and office telephone number?
Hello shoog!
Hello! May I have your office telephone number please?
Sure, honeypie, it's 555-555-5555
Let's see now, that's Your-office-name in cityville, OK?
Why yes sweetie, it sure is
And to whom am I speaking?
This is __________ darlin.
Hello _______, I'm Karry, what can I do to help you today?
Well, dearie, it seems that (some other person) is having trouble sending a file to (another office). How can I fix that, baby?

The whole conversation went like that. Very sweet lady, but totally creepy to be called sweetie, darlin, honey and various other endearments in every other sentence. It wasn't even a habitual word with her like it can be with some people - it's like she had a list of words and worked her way through them during the course of conversation because each time the endearment was something different. After 12 hours on the phone - that was the last straw. I was done, done, done with a capital D! No more sweetie, sugar, honey, darlin, dearie for me.

Thank goodness the weekend is coming. I don't even care if hurricane Dennis comes by (I wish he would!) because by god - no electricity means no phone calls. No phone calls means no more "no sir, it's not you, really, EVERYBODY asks me that. You would be surprised how many people aren't sure what side of the cd goes down..."

{sigh} No, really, I'm not exaggerating.

got a call from a rather intelligent sounding fellow the other day and he was furious. he was told by sales that our software had everything he needed to e-mail his file to another office. Turns out - after an hour of troubleshooting, my software does have everything - except an internet connection. "You mean I have to be connected to the internet to send an e-mail??? Why didn't nobody ever tell me that! That's false advertising!" Not much I can say to that there.....

Another favorite call (many many years ago) was from a rather nice woman who just got her first digital camera. I was helping her download her photos from it and print them out and she was utterly SHOCKED when they printed in black and white. I aksed her what kind of printer she had and she told me it was a laser printer. We went round and round for a while talking about laser printers and her particular model only printed black and white images. She would always come back to "but they look in color on the screen". Finally I asked her "Do you change the toner on that printer?" "yes" "What color is the toner?" "OH! I get it!" "yes ma'am, if there's..." "So you mean if I put color toner in I'll get color pictures?" No no no nononono.....


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