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Friday, July 08, 2005

helooooo weekend of worry

Our medical insurance through work is cancelled as of July 2 for non-payment of premium. Our whole division is now uninsured. That's going to be well over 100 unhappy employees. I called the highest honcho at our office that I have an after hours phone number for and left her a message in her VM (voice mail for any non-coworker that reads this) and I pity the people that she will get a hold of at the parent company. That woman has a tongue on her! I've been on the wrong side of it once, for something rather mild and WHOOOOO! I've taken care to never have something like that happen again.

So - we won't be doing much this weekend cause it will be murphy's law and we'll break an arm or something. YIKES!

All that aside - THANK GOODNESS it's friday!


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