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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

This hurricane isn't going to have much of an effect on me where I am in Florida. Lots of wind and rain - but really nothing more. I feel sorry for the panhandle Florida folks. I won't post specifics where I live, but it's not the panhandle so no worries for me yet.

Hopefully by the time another hurricane develops I will have a generator - although the local home improvement store still is out of stock and a guy brought some in on a truck to sell - he started selling at 11am and by noon when we got there, there was only one left that was going for $899. WAY out of budget. We did spy some at Sams club but DH was eyeballing the INSTALLED ones that require a concrete pad, wires, permit and an insured electrician. I simply want a portable one I can take with me when we move one day. You know... something to run the fridge for 20min once an hour and maybe power a fan or TV. Don't need more. Running the airconditioner and computers and everything just isn't a requirement. Although you can be sure that if we get one strong enough for a tv that I will likely plug the computer into it and post about the hurricane. LOL! I'm such a nerd.

Anyhow - you may not have noticed, but I've just put up some of my good hurricane links at the top of the left hand column there. If you are on high speed they are a wonderful resource. If you are on dialup, I'd really only recommend the National Hurricane Center one. For a really good sense of what the hurricane is doing, visit Crown Weather. Warning for dialup users - this site is VERY image heavy and will take a LONG time to fully load. For those curious about what the inside of a hurricane looks like you can visit the Hurricane Hunters which is a site about the weather Service's airplanes and their missions to fly inside the hurricanes and gather data. It is because of these fellows that we know what kind of category the hurricane has developed into and can prepare accordingly.

Dennis is supposed to be a category 4 when it hits the coast. Category 2 is bad - I've lived through those last year - category 4 is devastating. In southern Florida, when I went to a client's office there, six months after the storms were over - 3 out of every 5 homes were still tarped. Highway A1A which runs along the coastline was close to washed out in places. The effects of these storms are incredible, and it takes so long to recover from them. Please pray for the people living in the path of hurricane Dennis, I am. I'm also thanking God that this thing is not coming towards me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the brunt of the storm missed your family. We are going to have rain for the next week due to Dennis, but that's ok. We needed the water.

Also, your comment on my blog about the playmate song verse never did come back. If you don't mind can you stop by and give it to me again. I want to save it for the gkids. Thanks, Cate

7/11/2005 01:10:00 PM  

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