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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Prepping for Christmas

I'm prepping for Christmas already. My kids think I'm nuts. I just hate the madness that comes every year and this year - in order to afford shipping everything to everyone, I'm starting gifts early. So - with that said - the latest shipment of beading crack will arrive tomorrow. I love this store. The cheapest shipping option is a Fedex 3 day and it's only $7 for a CRAPLOAD of beads. I ordered on Thursday, they shipped friday and it will arrive tomorrow. When they make a mistake - they always correct it - no questions asked. They shorted me one pearl strand once - out of all my orders they only did this one time - and when I called them about it, they overnighted the missing pearl strand at their expense, and bundled a free gift with the package. (pair of matched pearl buttons for earstuds). Every package they send comes with a free gift that is actually gift wrapped with a "thank you" sticker on it and it's not the cheapo plastic bead crap - nope - once it was an amethyst chip bracelet, once was a pair of pearls for earrings, once was a really nice glass cats eye bracelet..... I love this company.

If you are as hooked on beads as I am, check this place out. FireMountain Gems and Beads. Even the name is cool!

If you aren't into beading - they do sell gift items and finished pieces of jewelry at reasonable prices. Some of it is tacky, some is unique, all of it is at wholesale prices. REALLY good deals. Check out the outlet store.


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