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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, I have had no luck at finding an independent tester for Youngest. She's okay with staying in Kindergarten apparently, and I don't want to warp her perception of herself by pushing her into first grade - what if she's really going to have a terrible time with the curriculum? I don't want to really discourage her learning, she's so smart! I guess she will just do what she does at her own pace.

On the bright side, I may have found a tutor for her by accident. I work with a single father whose daughter is pretty good friends with my daughters.... well his mom is a teacher and just moved down here and couldn't get a job in the local school system on quite that short notice. She specializes in elementary age children, but has taught all grades right up through college. I asked him to ask her if she would tutor my two problem kids and if so - for how much. We will see.

Oh - and there's been a lot of shark attacks here in Florida recently. Most have been far enough away from us but I just learned of one that's a bit - ahem - slightly closer to home. Nope - no more beach for a while. Water's warm enough for those critters, then it's also probably warm enough for the flesh eating bacteria that we had a scare about a year or so back. Last time I went swimming - something brushed up against my leg a couple times and it freaked me out. DH laughed and told me it was seaweed. I dunno about that. No more ocean till it's cooler.


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