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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Starting to run on empty now...

well, I worked yesterday - was supposed to do megaloads of testing - and on top of that was asked to work on a special project (detail oriented) and on top of that was told to answer phones. I WAS NOT told they would be opening the phone lines and therefore, I spent the entire shift (no breaks or lunch cause on a weekend shift it's usually slow enough to take them whenever so none were scheduled) just answering phones. A co-worker came in in the morning to help me but the afternoon shift person never showed. Honestly I don't think anyone wound up being scheduled for that slot and the manager in charge of locating volunteers for these shifts never did tell me if I was working on the 4th. (He's on vacation now) I asked around and heard through the grapevine that someone else had taken the shift so I will get one day off thank goodness. They called someone in to help out in the afternoon which took a load off me but WOW this whole software rollout has been one great big fubar after another.

Didn't even get to the special project and testing - just no time. I go back today for the evening shift, I pray that the day shift person showed up - I think he will though, he's a very responsible person. That and nobody's called me to ask me to come in and cover the phones so I think I'm all good for a couple hours till my shift begins.

I may have to go back on Monday though - cause I was told they will be opening the phone lines for that one too, and they will have just one person for the afternoon, and a pager. If Saturday was that bad, I can only imagine what Monday will be like - lots of people will think because it's a Monday that we are open. HAH!

All I can say about this is that the overtime is going to be NICE and watch out generator aisle, here I come. LOL!


Blogger john said...

love the new graphic!

happy 4th of july karry :)

7/04/2005 10:15:00 AM  

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