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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where is all the time going?

I'm telling you - the clocks here in Florida have sped up. It's already late Tuesday evening when yesterday it was only Saturday. Where did Sunday and Monday go? I got a load of wood from Freecycle last week and Saturday we unloaded it all. I plan to use what I can for shelves and stuff in the garage - and the rest will be firewood for when we go camping this fall again. We also got some wire shelving and a set of cabinets for the garage. I will have my crafting center yet! I swear I will. It's been too rainy to really clean out the garage so now there is absolutely no room to walk in the garage....

I made a list of thigns that need to be done this weekend (assuming the weather holds) and I sincerely doubt I will get to many of them. Some have to wait till after payday - like mounting the cupboards on the garage wall - that will require masonry bolts and a masonry drill bit which I don't have.

Also need to do the brakes and oil on my car - I really should find out where to dispose of that oil Dh has in the garage.

Middlechild is "not feeling very good" but I think it's mostly because she doesn't want to do what I asked her to do - clean the broken toys out from under her bed. She's all lay down, get up , tell me she feels sick, ask about the chore, lay down, get up lay down, tell me she feels sick, get up, whine, lay down, tell me she's really sick, etc... I just don't understand her. I wish she would just DO it already. I didn't ask the impossible - I didn't ask her to clean her room, I just told her to get the broken toys out from the mess under the bed. I fully expect that she will restuff the underbed area - I just hope it will be with fewer objects. She wants the door to her room back, she wants her room painted and she doesn't want to be grounded - yet all these things are not motivators enough. I'm about to come home from work and crack the whip and sit in there and make her do it in front of me so she will just get it done already! GAH! She's been two days with this "I don't feel good" thing already. I'm going to start losing my cool before too much longer. GAH!

Youngest is learning the procrastinating thing too - I give her two words to locate in a stack of magazines each day (I'm not home enough to make her read and DH sleeps till noon every day so he's useless for this) and she's been dilly dallying and not getting the words found. She did so well with those the first couple times I asked her to do it - and she knows those words by sight now so I thought it was a good thing - it works. She's now up to 6 words to locate for tomorrow - she's not going to get any TV time because she takes so long to do it, but nobody will make sure that she does it and I will come home at 7pmish and it won't be done and dinner won't be done so we have to cook and then we will have to eat and then it will be about another 30 minutes before bedtime and I will want to scream. I'm never going to have her ready for first grade at this rate.

I'm so tired. Today I looked in the mirror and saw huge dark circles under my eyes and I know I need a vacation from all of this. I took two days off immediately after the "good payday" where I will get paid for all my overtime these two past weeks but those days are already filled with plans for getting the brakes done on my car - picking up the stuff I need at home depot and other things.

Another of my pet peeves - because Dh sleeps so darn late in the day he lets the kids sleep and they don't get up on time so they are staying up SUPER late at night - it's 11pm and all the kids are still hollering at eachother and whining from their bedrooms. I really just want some "me" time at night with NO KIDS WHINING and I used to get that after putting them to bed at 9pm but lately they aren't tired at all so they keep getting up and talking to me or looking for something the left in the living room or doing something they "forgot" to do before bed. I"VE HAD IT.

GO TO SLEEP ALREADY! I don't need 15 thousand hugs, you don't need 10 drinks of water and no - ice in the water is not required because you will be sleeping while the ice melts. Dinner was over a few hours ago - I didn't save your leftovers, the dogs don't need food in their dish right this instant, your special blankie is on your bed under your pillow and yes I know you don't feel good so get some rest and we will see about it in the morning. No you can't call anyone, ,no you can't find where daddy has hidden himself - if he's not in the living room he's probably intentionally somewhere that people can't bug him, I know you love me I love you too. No I will not hug your stuffed bear again, I don't care if he really wants a hug because I think three hugs are plenty for a stuffed bear. GO! TO! BED! NOW!

GAH! There has to be an end to this somewhere....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well let me know when you find the end! LOL. I've almost given up hope on finding one! Rachel.

7/13/2005 09:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someday you will miss all those hugs... I know I do. And as far as the "clean-up-the-room" business... we won't go there. Hummmm sleeping until noon is early from what I remember... think that it was 1:00 PM before anyone got up. And going to bed at night.... hummmmmm... Oh well... I still miss those little frustrations, those dandilions I was allergic to, the breakfast in bed (complete with messy kitchen). The green bagging of trash... speaking of which I may have to do this with your brother soon if he doesn't clean up soon. But I do remember the bedtime feeling of relief and the relaxation of icecream in our bowls... ummmmmm good! Love you, and miss you, lots. Wish I could take them for a week or two. Want to send them north? Love Mom

7/13/2005 12:35:00 PM  
Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Ohhh I am SO with you on this one!

I adore my children but, holy buckets! Sometimes I am so glad to see them go to sleep ...

Then poor Evil Genius Husband can't understand why I don't want to talk or snuggle. I just vant to be ahlone! I just want a few minutes without having to do anyhting except breathe!


7/14/2005 02:20:00 PM  

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