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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Whoooo busy day

I started on the garage project today - I posted on Freecycle that I had a TON of free stuff and thankfully most of it went! DH and I also got my new crafting center put together and it looks like maybe - just maybe - we will be able to get a car into our garage! Woooo! Proud owner of a 2 car garage and I've never used it. LOL! I'll post photos of my crafting center once I've got everything in it put away. I sweated myself into near heat exhaustion today.... it was SO HOT! My head is still hurting pretty badly and I'm still flushed (I've been inside for about 2 hours now) so I'm pretty sure it was heat exhaustion again. This time though I knew to slow down - I guzzled about a 2 liter worth of water and then decided it wasn't such a good idea because that made me REALLY nauseous.... I'm also rambling right now and I think that's because of the heat thing stuff. So tired - I think I'll go chug another gallon of water and take a nap.


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