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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Artsy Fartsy

I'm making some more mosaic tables. I also called a local Sattelite installer company and asked then for their discards. They promised to call me when they clean their warehouse out and I can pick out some cruddy-ish sattelite dishes. I also have given my name to some local tile companies for tile remnants that they would ordinarily chuck. They also promised to call me when they get some remnants.

I think I will check in with them periodically just to keep myself fresh in their minds.

I'll post some photos sometime of this, but firstborn has helped me assemble a tiled dish/table. We've got to grout it sometime this weekend. The center tile bits are from an old plate I found here at the house. The whole table came out so nice I almost wish I kept all those dishes from when I cleared my garage. Oh well - whoever got them can use them I am sure.

Middlechild has shown an aptitude for watercolor paint - I think I might get her going on real watercolor paper and paints sometime and teach her some techniques. She's also doing well in school - they've put her in an advanced math class. :)

Youngest is sailing thorugh kindergarten. It broke my heart the other day when I asked what she learned and she told me "green". She knows green. The kindergarten teachers aren't sure what to do with her either - she tells me that sometimes she goes to another classroom to help and sometimes she stays in her classroom. She doesn't need the naptime so they have her helping. I think I will call the principal again and request another conference. I want her in First grade - they have some small classes where she can get the extra help she will need and I can hire a tutor to help her after school. In this case I think the administration is just SO WRONG.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atta girl, Karry. Cate

8/18/2005 06:41:00 PM  

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