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Friday, August 12, 2005

Call of the day

Hi, this is Karry from {Software Company}, I'm calling for Richard?
This is Richard...
Hi there Richard! I'm returning your call about {your software}....


You had said you were getting errors?
Oh, yes yes, having a turrible time. Just Turrible.
What seems to be the problem
(describes problem)
is it still happening?
No, I mean yes, I mean, well let's see


Uh, no I can't seem to make it happen again. I rebooted and it's okay now.
Must be Murphy's law then, hahaha! Watch for it happening again and if it does, give us a call.
Murphy's law? ...pause... I know what that is! It's where they say they can do it but it never gets done and then the army goes there and shoots.


hello? Are you still there?
Yes sir, I'm still here
you in Florida?
Yes sir.
You need a drink and a trip to the beach, you near the beach?
It's not too far away from the office, no.
Well, go get a drink and go for a swim, you need a swim.
Okay.... Uh...... well..... thanks and call if you have other issues with {Our Software}!


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