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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Marlboro bought me groceries tonight

Just got paid. Which means I'm broke again. I was wondering what to do for food today when I found a $10 gift card in my purse that I sent away for from Marlboro over a year ago. (No - I don't smoke, but I'm a sucker for cheap and or free stuff so I try to snag all the bargains I can) It had traveled with me all over the place and I somehow had missed spending it. It expired tonight. So - about a half hour ago, I was at the store, attempting to buy groceries with it, but the stupid card didn't work. So I tried to run my old debit card to an account in my old northern bank that I had never closed out and still had some cash in it. Turns out I had not only left the account open, but also forgotten to give them my new address and the card was LONG since expired. HAH! I'm so smart. So, I paid with old faithful, my current bank account ($30! that was half my grocery budget for two weeks!) and got out of everyone's way. (WOW people get hostile in a Walmart checkout lane - Look guys, it's 10PM, I need food, I have money, I just don't happen to be able to get the money out right now is all so stop with the HUGE-SIGH-JUST-PAY-ALREADY_I-CANT-BELIEVE-IT'S-TAKING-HER-SO-LONG looks!)

I put my bags in the trunk and called the Marlboro reward card place, fully expecting the phones to be closed, but it was worth a shot - after tonight I will be $10 poorer with nothign to show for it and all ya know. Money is money. SO - I was floored when they answered the phone! And ever so politely explained to me that the card would not work because I was using it wrong. Then they asked me to go back to the store because the money would be gone tomorrow. HAH - they obviously don't know me, because I was in the middle of the parking lot sitting on my trunk talking to them on my cell phone.

So - I went back in, got the fresh veggies that I had neglected to buy the first time around and ran the card the way they told me to do it and VOILA! Free food! Yay! So - I'm good for about a week now, longer if we stretch it out and maybe we will make it to next payday! Ramen for dinner won't be too terribly bad. I splurged on some bananas for the kids, they can have those as a side dish! I'm only half kidding. Yay, cheap food!


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