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Thursday, August 25, 2005

(Potential) hurricane a comin'

Should be in the area around the weekend - just in time for my couple days of no work. YAY! FUN! I'm glad for it though - it's projected path isn't really that close to me which means we'll get a bunch of rain but not much else. We could use some more rain. But not this weekend - I want sunshine this weekend - I want my hammock again. I think I might just have to install eyehooks on the back porch in order to get to use it. If it isn't a stupid squirrel eating pinecones on top of the tree I'm in (ouch!), it's rain, or horseflies, or the back yard needs de-pooping again so the stench isn't so foul, or I have something else to do. Nothing planned this weekend - except rain.

Hurricane Haiku (I hope I got the syllables right)

Hurricane go now
I want to use my hammock
in sunshine, not rain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The boys have been clearing a lot of saplings away from the bigger trees on the hill. Karl commented that he would like to put a hammock up there. That would be great if we had one. Anyway... at least we will be able to see if any critters walk by that we don't want... for example a "fisher cat." Hope the Hurricane passes you by. Love Mom

8/25/2005 02:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I leave for a cruise from Fort Lauderdale on 9/3- ugh- it better be nice for that!!!!!!!!!! Make it stay away from the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.
:) Becki

8/26/2005 05:05:00 PM  

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