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Saturday, August 27, 2005


DH might have a job coming his way! A year ago Firstborn joined boy scouts. We met another father in the group and got to talking geek. This man runs a computer repair business and wanted to keep DH in mind as a potential employee which was fine for us. We told him it would have to be part time around the kids school schedules and he was okay with that. Now, fasto forward to yesterday. DH got a phone call from the guy and he'd like to meet with Dh again about work. DH agreed. They are supposed to call again sometime today. I'm so excited for DH! He would do so well doing this - it's right up his alley!

In other news, Youngest has her friend from school over today to spend the night. They are playing dress up and having a grand old time. It's her friend's first overnight so we may be making a phone call late tonight, we will see.

Middlechild has made a friend down the street - she's over there right now playing. They get along great.

Firstborn neglected his chores so he has had to stay home all weekend with no TV, game boy, ,playstation or CD player. He's reading this year - he's actually reading! A real book! Without pictures! He will even take a break from his book to tell me about what's happening in it. I asked him if it felt like watching a movie and he said yes - now he knows what I'm talking about. I'm so happy!


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