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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Today - at work....

I bring the kids with me to work if I'm working on a weekend. They are pretty good about letting me work. They like the foosball and airhockey tables in the breakroom. They like the spinny Aeron chairs with adjustable lumbar support. We just got new paper towel dispensers that use motion sensors. Can you say FUN? (Even *I* enjoy playing with them. hee hee) There's a pond out back and a stray cat out front that we feed. There's even a turtle on a co-workers desk! We take breaks and eat lunch together and I get tons of new colored pages for my cubicle walls. Sometimes I even interrupt work just long enough to give them a tickle fit. Plus, all the hugs during the day do make the day go by faster.

Today at work was no exception. Here's a couple vignettes:

This morning:
Firstborn: Mom, do you have a stapler?
ME: ...taps stapler so he will see it cause I'm busy at the moment
Firstborn: Thanks
Youngest: Uh Oh
Firstborn: Uh, mom? Do you have a staple REMOVER?

Later this morning:
ME: Firstborn - you have a booger hanging outta your nose, go blow it.
Firstborn: A booger? Really?
Firstborn: Is it gone now?

... Crunch crunch snarf slobber slup crunch ...
ME: You know, you kids eat like pigs
Firstborn (with mouth full of chewed carrot and ranch dressing): We do?
ME: Ewww gross! Don't talk with your mouth full!
Firstborn: What, like this? (shows mouthful of food again)
ME: Exactly! (giggle) That's gross! (hee hee)
Firstborn: (GIGGLE -SNORT)
ME: Careful! Don't inhale the carrot! (Must - Conceal - Smile! Too - Late! giggle giggle)
Firstborn: (Snort - Giggle - SNORT - SNORT - Giggle)
... we erupted into gales of laughter while we showed eachother our lunches.... (You think that's gross? Check this out! Blaaaaaaaaa)

Yep. I'm definitely teaching them the good stuff.


Blogger Cate said...

That is so funny! Your kids had a day with you they'll long remember.

By the way, I've changed my blog address if you want to change it on your links. I wanted to keep the other one more as a grandmother's journal which is probably pretty boring for most readers, and come up with another one I could post my thoughts, art, writing, etc. in. Thanks, Cate

8/21/2005 06:58:00 PM  

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