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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Typical Male

About a week ago, I noticed a horrid stench in my car - but only when I turned on the fan. It was a smell so awful - you can't even imagine. Now - my car windows cannot roll down. It's Florida and it's damp and HOT. I need the airconditioning in my car. So I drove home with the smell gagging me all the way home.

I thought I had run over something rotten on the way to work.

The next day, the smell was still there, only worse. It was morning and I was on the way to work so I just turned off the fan and opened the sunroof. Still hot - but not unbearably so. I was only slightly damp by the time I got to work and not full blown sweaty. Anything not to puke in the morning.

I figured a mouse had died in my car somewhere like they used to do up north.

On the way home - the smell was still there - so I put an air freshener in my car and vowed to mention it to Dh and have him make sure that nothing gooey was stuck to my car or hiding within. Of course - the air freshener I got (Malibu Cherry scented California Scents tin! Yum!) covered up the smell so well, by the time I got home and the kids ran out of the house to meet me I had forgotten about the foul odor. And so it went....

Until yesterday.

Now, remember, my car is flakey - the battery drains completely if it rains during the day and the alternator isn't doing so well - so I have to plug it in every night. I have DH do this because - ooo electricity, and battery acid, and electricity, and my tender skin, I'm not so confident around that combination. It might go BOOM.

So, anyway, I had DH plug my car in yesterday and I'm out there with him looking down the road at the empty lot they are clearing. He comments offhandedly to me "Hey! That dead lizard is gone! It must have fallen out somewhere. Cool."


There was a dead lizard in my car - and you knew about it? And - yet, you did...


DH laughed at my shock and horror and tale of smelly rides to and from work. Oh yeah, DH? You just wait till something dies in YOUR car! Guess who won't tell whom about it then??? NYAH!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this to my husband who promptly laughed and said, "I'd do the same thing to you." Yeah, honey...I know...I know...

Thanks for sharing :)

8/25/2005 04:45:00 AM  

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