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Sunday, August 21, 2005

we're moving into uncharted territory

Middlechild is starting to surgically attach the phone to her hand. She can't seem to let go of it even if she's not talking. It might ring! Oh nooo! She will call her friends up and then read a book while they are on the phone or watch a tv show "with" them. Firstborn would like to use the phone now and then but I have to evict Middlechild from it first. She will also leave our cordless phones around which REALLY irks me. DH and I bought ourselves cordless phones and he has one on his desk and I have one on mine. I can't count the times I have told Middlechild that she CANT USE MY PHONE (the kids have their own cordless and a corded phone to use) but she always does - the phone will ring and I will go for my phone and it's gone. I will go for DH's phone and that one's gone too. ANNOYING!

I don't want her using mine because there have been a couple times when she will be mad at one of her friends and the cordless phone will go sailing across the room. Naturally she gets punished when this happens, but it doesn't save the phone. The caller ID display is broken, various things are snapped off and it cuts out sometimes when talking. The batteries are old so you can't talk but maybe an hour before it starts to go.... I figure the kids made that phone that way - they can keep it. My phone will stay nice. The last time it disappeared, I yelled at everyone. Including DH who had let her use it. I was really ticked off. It's been a couple days now and so far my phone has stayed put. I hope to keep it that way.

Gah - all this mess and she's only 10. What-ever will I do when she becomes an official teenager?


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