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Monday, September 05, 2005

My crazy dogs

They are nuts. I swear they are nuts. They just gobble up frozen peas and frozen corn. To see somethign really funny, drop a chunk of frozen peas on the floor, let them scatter and watch the dogs scoot all over the place trying to snarf them up. They never miss any. All the little ones love fresh carrots too, so when they stop getting excited over rawhides and puppy biscuits I will throw in a carrot for each dog and they just love 'em.

Pedro (the blind chihuahua) absolutely adores popcorn. He hears the air popper turn on and he's all over you trying to get his pieces. That suits the other dogs fine, they don't care for it too much. (Funny thing about Pedro - when he barks, his whole body bounces. Too cute!) I will also drain the water from tuna and pour it into their dog food dish. That way every dog gets a taste. :) Quite a sight to see four dogs nose first in the dog food. They also love icecubes. Coco (black and white dog) once had an icecube frozen to her tongue - looked quite funny! Bleaaaaaaaaa. It fell off soon enough but the kids told me it was very funny!

I'm not feeling very funny today - sorry.

I've been fighting with middlechild all day today. We got the pool from DH's boss and put it up last night. There's not much room in our yard for it, but we squeezed it in. So Middlechild is DA-HY-ING to go swimming. It's not like I didn't let her "swim" in three inches of water last night, and that I didn't let her "swim" in a half filled pool already today. The reason for the argument? She doesn't want to do her chores becasue the pool is there "and what if it pops? What if it leaks? What if it gets too cold? What if she da-hiys before she can go swim-ming Ma-hom?" She drew a tough chore in this month's chore exchagne - lawn mowing. And I won't let her go back into the pool until the lawn is mowed. It's also not like I didn't do the edges and around the trees and about half the lawn for her, nope - it's because I want her to be my slave. Yep.

I'm a slave driver.


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