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Friday, September 02, 2005


I miss my painting. I found my watercolors when I was arranging all my crafty goodness out in the garage not that long ago and ever since I have been itching to dip back into them. I miss my tripod and my watercolor board. I left those behind when I moved from one place to another - I think I shed some of it at my mothers house and the rest at my mother-in-laws house. Wherever it got shed, it's not here and I miss it.


Tomorrow I am going to try to paint something. Who knows how it will come out. I will set firstborn to work grouting his tiled trivet, Dh to fixing the car (He figured it out - it's the alternator piece - called a brush. Looks like a stick of graphite on a spring, mounted on a piece of metal with two screw holes in it. Not really what I imagined it to look like. But we've secured a replacement one with the money he's earned for being computer geek and should be fine now. Kind of needed that part - the car wouldn't hold a charge past two starts, and sometimes not even then because occasionally I would exit work to find out my car was dead. DH can't be getting a jump with every computer fix-it call he does.

DH's boss is getting rid of one of those inflatable pools you see in the aisles of WalMart for about $150 - 15foot around and about 3.5 foot deep. Well he just plain wants it gone and asked DH if he wanted it - free. DH really wants a pool, ,although he blames it on the kids (He says to me: "Middlechild will really like this". I just smile and nod. I know what he's really saying) so I told him to go for it - as long as I am not held responsible for the cleanliness of said pool then I don't really care. So - there's that.

So, I'll scan whatever I paint that's presentable - I'm rusty at watercolor, I haven't done watercolors in over 10 years.

Oh - and yes - three days home, three days of rest, three days of NO WORK and no more bleedign idiots on the phone who can only say to me "But it worked before". My internal response to that is "No it didn't, and if it did you were one lucky person because it's not SUPPOSED to be used in that way!". HAH

Hope you all have a good holiday!


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