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Monday, September 26, 2005


Call me weird but this has occupied my mind for most of the morning:

Dictionary.com defines pertinent as: having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand which makes sense. Okay - so we got pertinent down. What about impertinent? You would think the opposite of pertinent, right? That would mean irrelevant, imprecise, un-related, illogical. Dictionary.com agrees with me - sort of. That's the second definition of impertinent. The first (and most common definition) is exceeding the limits of propriety or good manners; improperly forward or bold.

So when someone says "You are quite an impertinent young lady!" (I've been watching old movies lately) are they really saying "You are quite an irrelevant young lady!" or "You are quite an imprecise young lady!"? It doesn't mean quite the same thing put that way, does it?

I'm curious as to how the word changed to go from simply being the opposite of pertinent to being something similar yet quite different. The mind boggles. (at least for me it does - you may simply be boggling at the fact that something so simple can amuse me. LOL! Speaking of boggle - where the heck did that word originate? Why boggle? Why not something else? Agh - I forsee another lunch period used up researching stupid words online...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karry... you have always been a deep thinker. You amaze me. Just thought I would tell you that we are back from Maine. We had fun, could have had more fun but arguments ruined that. Sorry that you were so depressed. I remember when I had you... I was in post-partum depresson... I felt like I was trapped inside my body and I couldn't talk or anything. I even thought about killing myself. But there was that sweet little face dependant on me and I just couldn't. But it did scare me lots. I felt like I was so deep and couldn't get myself out... like barried in a hole or something. Happened a few times after that also, but managed to get out by myself. Now... I am on antidepressants and it has not happened to me since. Although about 3 mos ago... I started down again, so upped my meds. Anyway... maybe you should check into getting something. It might be what you need. You are carrying around a lot on your shoulders. Enough to make anyone depressed. I love you, MOM

9/26/2005 07:19:00 PM  

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