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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


hmmm, well I'm still tired, still stressed apparently, but I did sleep better last night. Terrible terrible dreams all night long, but hey - at this point sleep is sleep. HA!

Spent much of the day so far off the phones at work - still working, but not on the phones. YAY I needed that break. It helped so much. Back on the phones after my lunch break, but meh - I had a morning away so I'm all good.

Oh - before I forget, did you hear about the murder? They found a woman in her bathtub which was filled with milk. She had a banana in her hand.

They think it was the work of a cereal killer.
Ba-dum BUM!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute Joke... I'm sorry that you are still tired and having terrible dreams. I hate it when I have bad dreams and they seem so real to me. You probably still have not had a restful nights sleep when you are dreaming as such. Thought I would tell you that Roy and I are going to Maine this coming weekend. We are leaving on Saturday and coming back on Monday. Two nights. We are meeting Aunt Joyce & Uncle Blair, Aunt Carol & Uncle Jimmy, and friends of (J&B) Judy & Jim. They are staying in a motel on the bay but it cost too much so Roy and I are staying at a cheaper one next to the ocean. Karl and Keith will be home watching over Grandma & Grandpa, Rosie, Tiger, and Trouble. When I get the phone # I will email it to you, but you can always call my cell. I will have it with me. Been tempted to buy tickets to fly to Forida to see you all. Maybe I will if I get any extra money. I miss you all. Love MOM

9/21/2005 05:18:00 PM  

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