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Thursday, October 20, 2005

aaaagh! the time - there is not enough!

Note to self: Never take a day off work in the middle of the week.
Note to the school board: PLEASE plan teacher in-services for days closer to the weekend!!!

Maybe three weeks ago, we noticed that the soap at work changed. It was suddenly NICE. Turned out that our new cleaning crew was putting actual SOAP into the soap dispenser instead of floor cleaner. I used to wonder why my hands felt funny and got really dry really quickly at work. I had like three bottles of lotion at my desk. Well, mystery solved, I can take 'em home now.

Middlechild is back to her meltdowns - just in case you haven't heard the screams yet. Lordy - let that girl get the teensiest bit uncomfortable and she's ALL about making you just as miserable as she is. Get in the car to go somewhere? She's practically ON FIRE and BURNING UP the whole time cause it's so HOT! When the air conditioner in the car kicks in, she's FREEZING can't I tell? she's practically got ICICLES hanging off her nose. Remind her HOURS in advance of a chore invokes the hours of "NOOOOOOO! I-DON-WANNA! I-DON-GOTTA! YOU-CANT-MAKE-ME! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

I used to try to logic her out of it - because logic works on the other two kids. All I'd have to say is "Has that ever helped before?" and they'd say "no..." and I'd say "Well there ya go......" and end of fuss. Not middlechild. I can't quite figure how her mind works. My latest tactic is to be all "Whatever" now and ignore it..... but sometimes I can't help it and sometimes I scream back "I-DON-WANNA-BE-A-MOMMY! I-DON-LIKE-TELLING-PEOPLE-TO-DO-CHORES! I-DON-WANNA-COOK-DINNER! I-WANNA-PLAY-MY-COMPUTER-GAMES!" Sometimes this gets a giggle out of her and sometimes it makes her madder.

Everybody tells me what an angel she is and how many friends she has at school and how much the teachers like her and gush gush gush gush but all I can say is "Where is this angel that I have supposedly given birth to?" I think she saves up the "bad" parts of herself until she gets home and then lets it all out like a deflating balloon.

GAH - parenting is definitely a trip.

I know I had a point to what I was going to say tonight but I can't remember now. Oh well, couldn't have been that important.

Youngest is slightly miffed at me because i won't pull out her tooth that is just dangling there. I told her I was tired of pulling teeth and she would have to do it herself. Guess what? The tooth has stayed in for two more weeks! She's going to look like a rabbit if she keeps wiggling all those teeth out which is part of the reason why I haven't helped her pull it. Two bottom teeth, 1.25 top teeth and molars - lovely smile. Quite frankly, I'm surprised the child can still eat.

Dixie is turning into a true mommy. Tonight I watched her get her puppies down for a nap. The other dogs were wrestling in the other room and growling. Dixie perked up and let out one short YIP! to warn them but of course they ignored her. So she left her babies - trotted up to the wrestling dogs and let them have it. She then turned to go back to her babies the whole time grumbling. I know the feeling, Dixie, I know the feeling. LOL!

Middlechild had a concert thing she had to go to tonight. She wore a gold vest, a sparkly red sequin bow tie and tang some songs with peppy music and clappy "happy finger" motions. (If you've ever been in a "glee club" or bouncy type choir class you know EXACTLY what I mean). She did so well. She had the hand motions down and the facial expressions and everything. I think I might have a drama club/glee club nerd in my family. LOL! I'm so excited - it means that I will be able to go see plays and musicals again! I miss those. Middlechild and I were talking about singing in a group and she said her teacher told her she was too quiet. I told her not to worry because eventually she will learn to belt it out. I didn't tell ehr about the time during Fiddler On the Roof tryouts that I belted it out so loudly the music director told me to be quiet so she could hear the other people. Tres embarassing. I had to leave the group and go sit alone. I stopped liking that teacher and I never tried out for anything after that I think. Becki - you always wondered why - well now ya know. LOL!

OK - ummmm nothing much else. Tomorrow we will find out for sure if firstborn has earned his own computer or not with his grades. He says he's getting mostly As and Bs but I'll believe it when I see it. After years and years of Ds and Fs I don't know. Not that I doubt he can do it, I know he can - I just am not sure if he did.

AH! one more thing - at the grocery store the other day youngest told me she didn't like the purple lettuce and didn't want to buy any. HA!

PS: If you are still stuck on that puzzle - google the answer. When you find it let me know what you think. LOL!


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