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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here is middlechild, in all her glory - right after the concert. I didn't want to disturb anyone with flash photography so I only videotaped it. I will see if DH can get some stills from the video to post.

Here is the girl - her nose is gaining some spots and her eyes are about ready to open.

Thisis the boy - his eyes are open - well, one of them is. He's slightly grumpy because I popped him off momma and held him up where it's cooler.

Here's the whole clan, the boy is trying to muscle his way in on his sisters spot.

I'm also getting better at the scrapbook thing. I have others even better than this but they contain names so I'm not going to post them. :) Today I plan on doing more layouts and possibly swimmin gin the pool if it's warm enough. If not I'll probably be opening the windows to let fresh air in. I like this time of year because the fresh air is so great. It's not canned air like airconditioning. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Middle child is so cute in her outfit. And you are right about the flowers... they hardly show. I hope you include the video in the xmas cd this year. I am painting the frog bathroom today. Green... go figure. The little boy seems cuter than the little girl puppy. and dixie looks like a cute little mommy. Love the picture of Grandma. It was nice to talk to the kids. 1st born was so happy to get his computer. He must have worked very hard to get the grades he did. I am proud of him. Didn't get to talk to the little one too much. Mostly about her wiggly teeth. TTYL Love MOM

10/22/2005 01:48:00 PM  

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