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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I almost e-mailed her back, but the last sentence in her e-mail killed it for me

Found on a local Freecycle group:

Subject: [local freecycle group] wanted : oil paints , artists type , and beads or old broken jeweler, thingys,

I have to sit here everyday and bug my husband untill fema gets me a trailer so I can go home , so if you want to give my husband relief ( smile ) check your junk and see If you have any old art supplies you can donate to a katrina evacuee , and you ll be saving my hubbys sanity , I d really love some oil paints , and some beads or old jewelery (broken stuff is ok ) I love to craft things out of junk beads , new beads or mardi gras beads, ones that can be restrung, I ve been hunting the thrift stores for beads and odd bits that can be used , ive been making those stretchy bracelets and eye glass hangers for spending money , but need more beads they are hard to find , and don't have much cash ,so if you can help out , email me , I am trying to support myself , but I cant take a job that I'll only have to quit when fema gets my trailer , for me in miss,
{name removed}


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