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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My head hurts...

...so guess what we will do? Pretend it's not hurting. It's called denial, folks, and I'm letting it work for me! Eventually the headache will go away. Maybe. Getting tired of them though - they are no longer piercing, just a dull pressure/throb so the meds I'm taking do work, (And I thought about it - and no I didn't forget to take them last night) but I hate taking meds. HATE it. So - for this, I won't take tylenol or aspirin, I'll just pretend I'm not in agony and maybe it will get better.

On the way in today there was a huge industrial type truck with air brakes or something - cause the whole tiem we were at the stop light - he was playing with them. Boing! Boing! Boing!

Must have discovered the bounce when he stopped and just loved it. Truck looked like one of those low-riders you can see now and then around here where the cars are jacked on hydraulics and bounce. On Purpose. Um, yeah.... can you say MOTION SICKNESS?

Although - right about now that would be better than this headache.... BUT - we aren't thinking about that! WE are in DENIAL.

One more thing, you ever notice how your driving and ATTITUDE about driving shapes up when there's a cop around? You could be all "Grumble grumble annoyed irritated, look at that jerk! I really wish the guy who cut me off with nary a blinker would...." and then suddenly it's "Oh, my, there's a cop. Did I use my blinker? Am I buckled? I wasn't speeding was I? Light is green, let's go nice -n- easy - turn EXACTLY into my lane, what's the speed limit here? 30? 28 will do then. Heh heh, why Hello officer! I'm not doing anything wrong, you won't need to make me late for work today will you?"

Ever notice that? WHY on earth would you feel instantly guilty simply by seeing a cop drive by you - and you were not doing anything wrong - your last ticket was over 10 years ago - you always buckle up, keep hands at 10 and 2, and NEVER (well, hardly ever) speed? What's up with that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never had a ticket... wouldn't know what it was like. :) It is snowing here. Want me send you some? Love MOM

10/25/2005 04:16:00 PM  

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