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Saturday, October 15, 2005

New blog colors

Don't worry - these are temporary colors for the holidays - but I do kind of like the pumpkin color background. The drips aren't exactly what I wanted, but it's freakishly hard/detailed work so I just did something that looked okay and then quit. I'm not doing it for money so mediocre is good enough for me. LOL! I did discover lots of neat things that my paint shop program can do so I'm going to have me a grand old time playing around with it some more. It's almost like when you are a kid and you have a toy, but it gets buried in the bottom of your closet and forgotten - so when you clean the closet it's like "Wow! Where did all these neat toys come from?"

If you are too late and want to see the mediocre one I mentioned in the last post - here it is

Oh - and one last thing - the font used is called "Buffied" and I'll bet it looks familiar to you vampire slayers out there. LOL!

I also woke up sick this morning - I sneezed for 2 hours straight (I hate that) and now am in posession of full out balloon head. Lovely.

Also? Telemarketing companies that use machines to call me - you will never get through - I will not hold when you call me. I have a life, I am doing things. I don't answer the phone just to listen to some crappy hold music. I don't want a vacation in sunny Florida - I live here and it's rained for the past two weeks!!! Get a life, get some real employees and maybe I will speak with you then. BAH! and BAH again!


Blogger john said...

the drips? awesome! ;-)

10/16/2005 11:11:00 AM  

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