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Monday, October 24, 2005

She'll be blown mostly through by tonight

School is closed - DH has rearranged some of his appointments so eh can stay home with the kids - none of them were looking forward to a day with me at work. LOL! Work is boring for them even through I hook them up with paper, markers, desks a computer with access to some game sites (Can you say pop cap anyone?) some videos for the TV in the lunch room and sometimes I even bring craft supplies and glue. They bring their books and gameboy, pokemon cards and barbies..... but nope - all that stuff leads to boredom.

Not that I'm complaining today. About half our crew has already called in - ON A MONDAY no less, and it's not even going to be a full hurricane here. Those chickens - it's just going to be windy and rainy. We are going to be so busy I probably won't have time to look outside. I'm bringing my camera with me anyhow and the camera cable so I might upload a photo or two if it's compelling enough. DH has the camcorder for anything neat at home so I think we've got it covered.

Power is probably going to go down at home so we have been eating out of the freezer the past couple days. I have a ham we were goign to cook but figured it will keep even if it gets a touch warm in the fridge because it's so salted. Frozen chicken breasts just won't keep - LOL! I'm also taking a hot shower this morning. All the laundry is done (Thank you DH! I forgot to plan that) so if the power is out - we will bathe in cold water and still have clean clothing. The 15 or so frozen 2liters of water in my garage freezer will come in handy I'm sure. Last year it only took about 4 of them plus a bag of ice to keep the fridge at a cool enough temperature for three days.

I'm as prepped as ever - so I will be going to work and DH and the kids and critters will stay home. (I'm not parking near the trees today, I don't care how sunny it gets. HAH! I slay me) I'll update more later. Off to the showers with me and from thence to work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are watching it come... hope it by-passes you and that you get to keep your power. Maybe this will be the last of them to hit the Florida coast. Keep me posted. Love MOM

10/24/2005 10:01:00 AM  

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