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Friday, November 11, 2005

Another edition of the spam box

I present to you - spam subject lines, and the witticisms I wish I could make in reply. These are actual subject lines and in one case - a sentence from the e-mail itself. Enjoy!

What IS OEM Software And Why Do You Care?

Best quality drags
When tying your loved one to the bumper just isn't good enough

Viagra - No prescription needed!
We include a coupon for a free defibrillation with your next purchase!

We cure any desease!
You do? I have a common cold..... Hello? Hello?

Our phartmacy is LICENSED, verified by BBB and approved by VISA!
Because unlicensed Pharting is just Phoul.

Don't expose your intimate life!
WHEW! I'm so glad you told me that!

Should we send a no-cost NASCAR jacket, Bob?
Yes, please! Mail the package to Karry "Bob" Smith.....

Emergency weight loss is now available
Are you trying to tell me something?

Here is a Complimentary* Bible for You
*offer only valid for those susceptible to "gimme money or the Lord will smite me very much greatishly" schemes.

Don No Longer Needs Diabetes Medication!
WOW! That's awesome. Congratulations Don!

Prevent dumb data loss with a plan
Screw the good data - let's save the dumb data


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