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Monday, November 21, 2005

better today

well, I'm better today - still slightly woozy from the up in the meds dosage but that should be gone tomorrow if the past is any indicator.

I've been playing around in paint shop pro lately - making my own textures and backgrounds. Guess what - I just made PLAID yesterday! And it's easy! I mean - REALLY easy. You need a plug-in called motion trail and then the rest is SO EASY! Especially once you understand layers and opacity. :) If you want a how-to leave me a comment and I'll put one up.

So - as you can imagine - I'm going nuts designing stuff. Lots of things around here will be plaid in short order. LOL!

I've got an idea for the kids movie this year. Dunno if they will like it that much cause it's not a story - but I'm sure the viewers will like it. :) I'm going to put it all on DVD this year so I can send it to people who don't have computers. Not sure really exactly how I'm going to do that DVD thing but the idea is just starting to gel at the moment. Hmmmmmm

I'm still going to the doctor on Wed, but I didn't go to the ultrasound. It really is only super-painful during "that time" and the rest of the time it's only twinges and pressure. I'll go back in another couple months to have it looked at. The bill for the tests was over $4000 and my insurance only covers about $3000 of it - which I'm not complaining about - YAY insurance! But that leaves me with close to $1000 for ONE test - so you can see, I just can't afford to do more - especially at this time of year. It won't kill me in the next few months so it will just have to wait.


Blogger Cate said...

Karry, that's such a pretty background that pops up when your site comes up. You can see the whole thing before the text sheet starts hogging it.

I would ask for help but I haven't got paint shop pro. I'm still trying to figure out photoshop.

What a great idea to have a yearly movie. I bet the kids will love looking back on them in years to come.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Cate

11/23/2005 06:26:00 PM  

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