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Sunday, November 06, 2005

just a short update

wow has it been wild at work lately. The industry I am in just underwent a major upheaval and there is mass confusion and mass software upgrading..... which translates to massive overtime. Yikes. Although the paycheck will be nice in about a month.... LOL!

I think I am going to cancel my doctor appointments that are coming up - nobody seems to be concerned about the pain, and nobody can find anything so maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion. I need to hang onto my money right now. I'll reschedule again in the new year. We will see then. In the meantime - it's back to an ache that is bad on some days, on others it's slight and sometimes I am pain free. Mostly I vaccilate between slight and pain free. I've decided I will live. :) Also - I have good news! I haven't had a headache in over a week and a half. The weird vivid dreams have lightened up too. I think I'm adjusted to the drugs he has me on now.

In puppy news - they are walking! The little girl loves being outside her box - she is so precocious! She will run around all over the place nosing and sniffing everything because it's NEW and EXCITING! The boy stays put and shakes cause it's BIG and SCARY. I'll post images soon.

The boy will look like Dixie a lot - Chihuahua markings but a Dixie attitude and body. The girl, well, I dunno. I think she's a bit on the ugly side. She's going to be small. DH's boss would like to adopt her.

I'm slightly worried about that. Here's the story. Boss has a dog. Boss's dog is really large, but also really gentle. Girl puppy has a completely different personality. I think of the two, boy puppy would be more suited. He's calmer and more laid back. Also - Boss has a hard time with first dog's shed hair, and first dog is a yellow/blonde lab. Very light colored hair. Girl puppy has black hair. It's short, but it will be visible on everything.

Girl puppy will have accidents. Boss threw away two couches not that long ago because a visiting dog had an accident on them. Boss says she is also removing carpet to get rid of the odor. Visiting dog was only there for a couple days. Boss has promised boss's daughter another puppy. Boss's daughter really likes the girl puppy. Boss's husband does not want a second dog. Boss's husband says that Boss adopted a puppy from the pound but took it back there when Boss could not get it house trained. Boss insists it will be different this time. Boss says that Girl puppy will have the run of the tiled bathroom, rear lanai and possibly the kitchen.

I'm thinking I should house-train the puppy they get before I hand one over. I'm already training them for puppy pads. Also - if I let them have a puppy, I'm going to be able to visit the puppy and watch it grow. I won't be able to do that with other homes. No matter what, I am extracting a promise that if it doesn't work out - the puppy comes back to me immediately. NO POUND for my puppies. EVER.

Another thing that concerns me - is that Mom (hi mom!) has dibs on the girl puppy. I kept things open on who claimed her because Mom was unsure, and I don't know for sure what would happen with her..... By the way mom - Rosie would likely kill her - the girl puppy is stubborn and independent. She's not likely to bow to Rosie's will. She bullies Joplin.

AGH!! I hate this. I'm torn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Karry... the liklihood that I will get down there to get the new puppy anytime soon, is a negative. Also Roy thinks that Rosie would kill it too. So I guess, no puppies for me as long as I have Rosie. So you are free to give the puppy to your boss. As far as getting down to see you... I am shooting for Feb, Mar, or April 2006... when are the grand-kids on vacation? We will probably drive down and stay in a motel/hotel (cheap one) near you. I have to save my money first, so don't hold your breath. Little brother is in Michigan this week and should be heading back today. We did his room while he was gone. Painted and wallpaper border. Looks good. Going to walmart to see about curtains. Going out to eat tomorrow night to celebrate Karl's birthday. That's the only time available with everyone's schedule. Well, give the kids a hug from me and glad to hear about your headaches. Hope all goes well. Love MOM

11/07/2005 12:01:00 PM  

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