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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Know why today is special?

Go on, guess! Give up?

I'm getting a for real gosh darned lunch break today! Yay!

In other less sarcastic (okay, not really) news, I have a serious beef with all the New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites that move down to my sleepy little town. This isn't the big city. You don't have to floor it everywhere. Along the same lines, DO NOT expect that my brakes are working well! There's lots of "po' fo'ks" around here and sometimes the brakes are iffy at best. If I'm turning around the corner and coming towards you - there is a significant chance that I AM PICKING UP SPEED. Wait until I pass! Don't look at me, look away, and then look back and watch to see what I do while you floor it across the intersection. Do you have a fetish for horror? Also, when I honk and swerve - don't get pissed at me! I DIDN'T hit you! I could've, you know. Probably should've too.

Something else. It's called BLINKERS baby! Know 'em, love 'em, use 'em! Were you taught to drive by a drunkard??? I mean, it's only polite to tell the person you are going to cut off what to expect. I'm just sayin. Oh - and when I use my blinker, and I'm in a turn lane, that doesn't mean I want into YOUR turn lane instead of mine. I'm turning left. You are turning left. My blinker doesn't mean I want your particular left - I'm quite happy with mine, thanks. You don't need to leave a gap for me to edge into your lane and honk angrily at me when I don't take it.

Agh - back to the mill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you can have a lunch break ---->every now and then. And that the drivers are the same here in VT (Boston, NY) as they are in Florida. So I know what you mean. Busy getting presents ready to send. Hope they all arrive in good shape. I will let you know when they get sent. Love MOM

11/16/2005 03:50:00 PM  

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