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Sunday, November 20, 2005


I feel nauseous today. I'm at work (It's my weekend) and it's also the first day that I can double my dose of meds for the headaches. I waited until a day where I could safely be a little loopy and get away with it. However - if my stomach doesn't settle down and the loopiness doesn't calm I may be calling DH to come pick me up and my boss to send in a replacement. I'd have to be really sick to ruin someone's weekend like that though.

I'm wondering - what with the sleepiness, loopiness, nausea, numb tongue and bad breath, are the drugs worse than the headaches? I do know this: once I have adjusted to the higher dosage, the loopiness will fade, the nausea won't come (but I have to eat something with the pills - if I don't, hooo boy) and the rest of them? Well, the numb tongue only happens if I leave the pills in my mouth too long after chewing them. If I take a drink - the numbness is no big deal. I'm stocking up on mint flavored tums and altoids.

Gotta have me some altoids. :)

I dunno about the sleepiness. I could sleep right now - so tired....

I do have some powerful pain killers finally for the bad days (I called the doc in tears) - but those are just as bad as the medecine I'm on and harder on my liver so I'm trying not to take them. I hope I adjust to this higher dosage soon - walking thorugh the world like it's made of jello is the weirdest sensation.

I thought for a while it might just be eye strain but that's not the case - I had an attach in the shower yesterday norning right after I got up and I felt them coming on last night at John's boss's house so I took some tylenol and that helped prevent them. Also I was careful and didnt do sudden changes in elevations that often and tried my best to not twist my head which seems to trigger them. I did all right. Very little pain.

I'm going to cancel my appointment for the ultrasound. I don't see any sense in it. I know what it is and none of the EXPENSIVE tests (I got an insurance statement. THANK GOD I'm insured) have turned up anything so far - so why bother. Something will kill me eventually and I doubt it will be that. :) It's just going to make me uncomfortable is all.

I'm going so tick it out for a while longer here at work - we will see how it goes but I supect that my spelling is getitng bad and I'm not sure exactly which words are mispelled because they look allright to me mostly. Like mispelled - is that a typo or is it right?

Sorry for being so boring right now - I'm just tired as all get out - I think it's the meds and loopy and nauseous. Makes me rambly. Is this what drunk feels like? I wouldn't know but I wonder.... cause if it does I don't have the slightest idea why people would do that to themselves on purpose. YUCK! Oh and another headache is coming... hold on.

Okay I'm fine - was just a twinge - the old brain is reminding me it is there. LOL! I'll take a photo of the cinnamon ornaments we made last night with DH's boss and post it soon. I also got some lightbulb ornaments done - the look cool - I have a couple of bulbs left to do so perhaps I'll puut up a how-too.

Raining now - I should do work.


Blogger Jen said...

No matter what you drink, I can tell you that no, med loopyness is nothing like being drunk.

I have just went through a long run of headaches and a few migraines, bad enough to vomit. Ends up my neck was so out of whack from sleeping any which way that was comfortable, even on my stomach. This is hell on the neck. I had one vertabrae in my neck that was waaaayyy out of line, pulling all the muscles with it, which pulled on the back of my head, causing headaches. My chiropractor cracked my neck and back into place, and the shooting pain in my eyesocket was gone. I still had massive soreness for a day, but having muscles pulled the wrong way for so long and then put back in the right place needs time, a heating pad, and Bengay. Bengay has some stuff called Bengay SPA, and it smells wonderful. Having bones out of whack pull the muscles and nerves with it, and this can cause pain and headaches. This can be caused by bad posture or a repetitive motion you do. Sinus pressure from allergies also make life hell. Ask around work to see if anyone goes to a chiropractor, and who they recommend. They are usually covered by insurance. If you go, the first appointment is always a full xray of your back. This will establish that you don't have a disk in your back that is pinched or blown out. Then he or she will drag a device that goes on each side of your spine. If something is strained, it causes heat. The device will note a change in temperature on the skin. They can feel bones out of place just by running their hand over your skin. Out of place vertebrae literally hangs out of place and it easy to find. Really the hardest part is trying to relax when they get ready to push, because you are expecting something will happen. It's the best "back-crack" feeling though, because it's right in the place that it's needed. It's easier on the liver too. Pills never cure something that's out of alignment, if that is the problem.
Take care!

11/20/2005 08:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Agree with Jen. My Chiro does wonders for me. Mine does not crack me... he uses a hand held machine thing that pops me back into line. More gentle than the cracking doc But either is great. You can have a lot of things go wrong when you are out of line. I never believed it when Rhonda told me. Then I tried it myself. I was wrong... it is wonderful. Love MOM

11/21/2005 07:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think you should have the ultrasound.. just because they didn't find something before- doesn't mean they won't now. Never good to "doctor" yourself. Please go- you worry me. Also- chiropractors can cure a lot of things. Try it- doesn't hurt to at least try it.

11/21/2005 12:03:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

hmmmm - a chiropractor.... maybe I'll look into that? One thing I know is that if I'm in the middle of a series of headaches when I take my meds - the headaches stop. Dunno if that's the nature of the meds or what but sometimes I prefer loopiness to the pain. LOL!

11/21/2005 01:40:00 PM  

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