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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Before I begin today's tirade - let me first wish a very happy birthday to my lil bro! Happy two-seven, big guy!************

I'm mad at the doctors office again. I mean really TICKED OFF. I called them friday to get the results of my CAT scan. They said the doctor needed to review them and they would call me later that day when he did. Never called me. So - Whole weekend passed. Friday night and Saturday hurt. Sunday it was back to an ache. Monday it was gone. It's back aching again today.... (Oh my a tangent - let's get back on topic)

Anyhow - I waited for the results all day friday for naught, then all weekend so I could call them on Monday. I tried to be patient. I really and truly did. So when nobody cared enough to call and let me know by lunchtime, I called them. They were all "Oh! Well because the doctor was gone all day on Friday they wouldn't have gotten reviewed until today, I'll have to check and see if he's gotten to them yet."

Did you catch that? Do you see why I'm so upset?

They told me Friday morning the doctor WAS THERE. They told me they would call me with results FOR SURE that day. THEY HAD MY FREAKING CELL PHONE NUMBER!!!

Most of all, they lied to me.

I'm furious. I cannot bear a liar. Cheat me, wrong me, call me names, whatever, just DONT LIE ABOUT IT. If the doctor wasn't there - fine, I'd have grumbled but I'd have waited until Monday. I wouldn't have grabbed my phone at every little tweet I heard all weekend long.

And the results? All negative. Found nothing. NA-DA. They couldn't see to take two minutes to tell me that it was fine. Especially when I EMPHASIZED that I desperately needed to know. "Oh yes, the Doctor will look at them this afternoon, we will call you as soon as he's done." That's what they said. The doctor wasn't even there you lying ......LIARS....!!!!

I hate liars, I hate them hate them hate them. My kids all know that lying is the worst thing they can do to me - it will just send me through the roof.

So - to summarise:My doctor's staff? Liary lying liarsMy results? All negativeME? Still hurting - albeit more mildly than before.

****************In other news - my costume got weird looks from everyone at work - and hardly anyone got the jokes. I'm still being asked why I had Smarties candy taped to my pants.

Um, hello? Smartie pants?

so... Yeah.....*******************

I think I need more sleep. I'm pissed at everything today. Anybody got an attitude for sale on Ebay? Mine sucks and I'd like to trade it in for a brighter, shinier, happier model.

The birthday present I ordered for myself from DH is due to arrive this week. It's a leather coat and pair of gloves. It's just dressy enough to wear to client's offices, yet not so dressy that it must reside in my closet for those special moments. Now all I need is a scarf and hat (beret!) to match. I'm pretty sure I ordered the red gloves, but I can't remember..... maybe I got the black, it's a safer color.... I dunno. It will be a surprise! WOOO!


Final work gripe: If I tell you about a bug and tell you it is urgent and list 5 people that have the symptoms already - DO NOT act all surprised when 6 weeks later, it's at epic proportions and a crisis situation. You know I don't cry wolf. I warned you about it all that time ago. This crisis is in NO WAY my fault. Don't look at me like that. I TOLD you!


Blogger Cate said...

I know what it's like to wait. I'm glad you finally got the results, and I guess I'm glad nothing showed up. But I've got a feeling something needs to be found so they can fix it.

I love the Smartie Pants pun. I bet you had the most thought provoking costume there!

11/01/2005 05:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pain. No excuse for the doctors office. They should know better. They should have called you back regardless and told you that he was not in and couldn't read the results until Monday. You sound just like me about the liars and non truth tellers... I hate them also. It accomplishes nothing but hard feelings. Couldn't believe you said that Karl is 27 I thought all along he was 26.... boy... you aged me. As far as your costume... sounds cute but people sometimes just don't get it. You have to have a brain and use it (smile). Well take care, Love MOM

11/01/2005 08:25:00 PM  

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