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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas eve eve eve

Okay - boxes are mailed. Now I have to finish baking - I'm limiting myself to chex mix, oatmeal cookies, pecan pie, chocolate pretzels, white chocolate dipped sticks, and maybe some angel poo. Been thinking about divinity too - we will see if I have time. Watch - I'll make none of that except chex mix and the pretzel sticks I just made.

You know you are a grown up when you make candy and don't feel like eating any.

I don't know if I looked irritated at Walgreens tonight - but I was waiting in line for my prescription and the pharmacist kept apologizing for it taking a while to get to me. She was so sorry. I told her not to worry - it was almost Christmas and it looked like they were swamped. But that got me thinking - did I look mad? Did I look like I was in a hurry? I don't think I did - I just stood there in line like everyone else and waited - looking around at everything.... hummmmmm

Secret santa exchange was today - I gave a necklace and earring set to my secret and I got a FABULOUS bracelet from mine! I love it. It's brown and blue and lime green - my favorite colors.

DH and I got eachother some surprise gifts this year - we never get eachother surprise gifts for christmas - I am looking forward to Christmas morning this year - I won't have to plaster on a grin and say "Oh. My. I am so. Surprised. How ever did Daddy know. Neat." as I am forced to unwrap the gift I had just wrapped for myself hours before. DH usually has to do the same thing - so I think he will be pleased to get some surprises under the tree this year.


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