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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finally! Photos!

This is Samantha right before she went to her new home. They love her there. It's a good home for her.

We bought a new brand of hot dog - DH tried to microwave it for his usual 5 minutes. This is the exploded result. Very funny at the time. Now it just looks gross. Yes - he did eat it. He likes 'em crispy

My first pecan pie ever. I didn't know to serve it cold so it was not - um - firm but DH said it was still good. Apparently I need to make these for every holiday. I hate Pecan pie. But if Dh won't complain about how terrible it is I suppose I will do it again and again for him

Shreck lightswitch plate I made for a friend. He does have a mouth - I just didn't use a deeper shade to emphasize it. I also had to chop off a GREAT nose I put on him so that the light switch will actually work. :)

Here are this year's ornaments (sorry for the spoiler Mom) - recycled lightbulbs. I think they came out fairly well even if it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I'll post shots of the frosted ornaments I am doing for the ornament party soon

Here's the necklace I made for the company Christmas Party. Took about an hour and a half. All the parts were purchased at Firemountain.

**Edited 3:15pm 12-15-05 to add a title and a link**


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samantha is just the kind of puppy I want. But I think that I will get one from Rescue if I do. Anyway... GOOD JOB on the crafts. Of course you always do a nice job. Talk to you later. Love MOM

12/15/2005 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger Cate said...

The expression on Samantha's face is adorable.
And I love the necklace!

12/17/2005 09:09:00 AM  

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